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26 July 2013

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Barcelona: Park Guell & La Rambla

The view of Barcelona from Park Guell

Today was a chill and hang out day. The sun was out, the people were amazing and we were in Barcelona!

We started off at Park Guell, and geez that was a trek and a half. Definitely recommend catching the train then walking up the steep road, then the escalator to get there! It took me ages to get up to the top as I was heaps unfit! But the view was amazing once we got up there!

Yep.. we walked that!

Haha they have their own thing going on too!
Phil and I doing selfies!

Park Guell. Amazing mosaics!

Just like in the photos!

The famous lizard. Is it a lizard?

Gaudi's famous cross in the background

From Park Guell, we took the train down to La Rambla which didn't take that long. It was quite safe as it was still daylight! But when we were walking, we felt quite safe. I didn't really see anyone pickpocketing even though it was pretty busy on the strip! It was ok. It was one of those places that you had to go to but we didn't eat on the strip or do any shopping!

Found thing interesting place and it was a great place for a photo! 

La Rambla. Mostly with tourists

Break time! Sagrada looking waffles!
We walked the strip and got a bit lost in the alleyways which is what we wanted. We ended up at an English put which was great as it was happy hour as well. So by the time we got out, I was a bit tipsy!

We stumbled across La Boqueria, the market which looked like it was in a shed. It was closing time but there were still some places open. The produce looked amazing!

Very appetising fruits and veggies!

Nuts anyone?

And once again, it was Tapa time! This place (La Flauta) had a long line and a long wait time! We were waiting for about 45 minutes, but it was definitely worth the wait. Their tapas were amazing and different. Tapas that I've not seen before (well in Australia anyway!)

Yep, that's Patatas Bravas in the background. And potatoes with egg. Doesn't sound like much but it was good!

Bread with Olive oil and tomato relish

Camembert Salad. Was good!

This squid was a-ma-zing!

Can you believe these are sardines? They were so yum!

It was a great end to another day in Barcelona.

Can't wait for another fun day!

Until then,


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